Sweet Sweet Fantasy

They were talking for a long time, about deep and personal things. He was always one to ask how she was doing with a certain longing in his eyes as if he really, genuinely wanted to know. Sometimes he would say “you seem a bit down” when she really was. Her boyfriend never acknowledged it without exerting anger towards it. Like it was an inconvenience. 

She had decided to come here to his place while her boyfriend was out of town. Mainly to have a smoking buddy, she told herself. But the truth was, a day around him was an aphrodisiac. His winks and ways of touching and initiating hugs. That’s just how he was. But with her perhaps a little more. She recently spent a day at the facility he works at and there was always a compliment about her hair or how good she looked. She became so turned on that she closed the door to her office, slid her hands down her pants and immediately felt moisture before she even got inside. It was hot and quick, and she did it again in the shower later that night. It had been a while since she’s had sex. 

He was a charmer, she knew that. She didn’t want to cheat but she didn’t mind using her green habit as an excuse to hang out and get wet. Maybe an unwarranted kiss. Harmless, right?

Also very likely. Now that they were truly alone and not within the confining walls and cameras and probing eyes at work, this was a setup for acting out on true feelings.   

She felt herself twinge with desire as she looked over at him. She could feel her warmth soaking into her panties and how she could almost orgasm with that alone. One touch would break the dam. 

He was a marijuana connoisseur of sorts, and they had been smoking a joint along with a few beers. He had wanted her to try his bong and went to get it out of the corner. It was two feet of solid blue glass, with super fine etching details around the base. He prepped the bong and filled it carefully with flowers. Blubonic Plague – a sativa with a medicated haze. He handed the loaded bong to her to take the first hit. 

She tried once, and then again but realized she needed help to light it. As she turned, he was already moving to slide over in front of her. He pushed the coffee table back behind him and turned to take the bong, which was sitting between her bare legs. She had changed into shorts earlier because of the 90 degree heat. Now, as he got closer, she was glad for the decision as his hands grazed the inside of her thighs and sent shockwaves right to her center. She felt like she could melt into that feeling that was starting to engulf her whole body. He was so close now.  

He lit the flowers for her and she inhaled as he withdrew the stem from the base to release the smoke. She held it momentarily then slowly exhaled, looking him in the eyes somewhat seductively. He turned it around and took a hit, still on his knees in front her and then slowly exhaled and let the smoke waft over them. He pushed the bong towards her, still between her thighs and slowly urged it against her and she let out a slight groan.  

There was a moment of pause that felt like forever. He had taken the bong and put it on the table behind him and turned back to her, placing each of his hands on each of her knees. It wasn’t until he felt his thumbs initiate a light squeeze that she leaned forward and pressed her lips on his. His hands left her knees and he grabbed her around the waist to pull her closer to him as they started to kiss harder. Her panties were soaked. 

She stopped and pulled away.
I have a boyfriend, she said. 

And then she stopped writing.  Her fantasy drifted away and her pen fell away from the paper.  


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